carry something out

carry something out

they carried out an operation

conduct, perform, execute, implement

I carried out my promise

keep, honour, fulfil, observe, abide by, comply with, adhere to, stick to

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  • carry something out — 1 they carried out a Caesarean: CONDUCT, perform, implement, execute. 2 I carried out my promise to her: FULFIL, carry through, honour, redeem, make good; k …   Useful english dictionary

  • carry something out — perform a task or planned operation. → carrots …   English new terms dictionary

  • ˌcarry sth ˈout — phrasal verb 1) to do a particular piece of work The building work was carried out by a local contractor.[/ex] 2) to do something that you have been told to do or that you have promised to do Maybe she ought to have carried out her threat to go… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • carry something on — ENGAGE IN, conduct, undertake, be involved in, carry out, perform. → carry * * * engage in an activity he could not carry on a logical conversation * * * ˌcarry ˈon (with sth) | ˌcarry sthˈon derived to continue doing sth • Carry on with your… …   Useful english dictionary

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